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Volunteering Without a Car in Houston

Carpools and the METRORail help many car-less students serve in programs advised by the Community Involvement Center, but did you know just how many agencies are accessible by public transit?  To help you navigate Houston’s non-profit world, the Community Involvement Center has mapped over eighty agencies from our database that are located on the METRORail line and bus routes that have stops adjacent to campus.

When Choosing to Visit Agencies:

  • Do your homework ahead of time.  Think of choosing a volunteer placement like searching for a job or selecting a class.  You wouldn't simply go to the first one you find.  Take the time to learn more about their mission, services, programs, and volunteer opportunities through their web site and other resources.
  • Call ahead.  Although visiting web sites is helpful, the best way to know whether or not an agency would welcome help on a particular day is to ask a volunteer coordinator directly.
  • Bring a friend or group.  Instead of being limited by seatbelts, you will only be limited by the number of volunteers an agency can manage - call ahead to find out!

Public Transportation Reminders:

  • Always check bus schedules on-line and keep in mind weekdays and weekends might have different schedules.  Visit http://www.ridemetro.org, and in the web site’s top margin, find Trip Planner → Schedules.  Enter your bus route number (see map).
  • Go to the bus stop early.  Less traveled bus routes drastically reduce the number of buses they run during non-rush-hour times.  Traffic construction, weather, and individual bus drivers can easily alter a bus schedule.  Arriving ten minutes ahead of schedule could prevent you from missing an early bus, and in some cases save you an extra hour of waiting.  Bring some light reading.
  • Bring your Q-card or Metro Money Card or you may face a heavy fine.  Each fall new students automatically receive a Metro Money Card - a $10 value - from their College Coordinator.  Current and returning students who wish to use the METRO can take advantage of the free METRO Q Cards that are available at no charge to undergraduate students from the Cashier's Office in the Allen Center.  One-fare tickets cost $1.25.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.  As with any trip, learn your route so you can focus on what’s going on around you.  Take steps to arrive at your destination safely and on time.

Map of Agencies: A to C

Map of Agencies: D to H 

Map of Agencies: I to R 

Map of Agencies: S to Z